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Dra. Clarisa Gutierrez Aceves

Cirujano Dentista

Calle Leona Vicario #1450, Int. 203
Edificio San Jose
Tijuana, 22320
Tel: 664-684-9971
USA: (619) 734-2389
email: crega @

Did you know?

Symptoms of Mercury Poisioning

Common symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Poisoning

Type Symptoms
Digestive System Colitis * Diarrhea/constipation * Loss of appetite * Weight loss * Nausea/vomiting
Emotions Aggressiveness Anger (fits of) * Anxiety * Confusion * Depression * Fear and nervousness * Hallucination * Lethargy * Manic depression * Mood swings * Shyness
Energy Levels Apathy * Chronic tiredness * Restlessness *
Head Dizziness * Faintness * Headaches (frequent) * Ringing in ears
Heart Anemia * Chest pain * Heartbeat rapid or irregular
Lungs Asthma/bronchitis * Chest congestion * Shallow respiration * Shortness of breath
Muscles & Joints Cramping * Joint aches * Muscle aches * Muscle weakness * Stiffness
Neurological/Mental Fine tremor * Lack of concentration * Learning disorders * Memory loss, short and long term * Numbness * Slurred speech
Nose Inflammation of the nose * Sinusitis * Excessive mucus formation * Stuffy nose
Oral/Throat Bad breath (halitosis) * Bone loss * Burning sensation * Chronic coughing * Gingivitis/bleeding gums * Inflammation of the gums * Leukoplakia (white patches) * Metallic taste * Mouth inflammation * Sore throats * Ulcers of oral cavity
Other Allergies * Anorexia * Excessive blushing * Genital discharge * Gland swelling * Hair loss * Hypoxia * Illnesses (frequent) * Insomnia * Loss of sense of smell * Perspiration excessive * Renal failure * Skin cold and clammy * Skin problems * Vision problems (tunnel vision) * Water retention (edema)
Your state of health (especially the state of your immune system), whether you still have amalgam fillings, the amount of mercury you’ve been exposed to over time, and the amount still present in your body directly influence the number and severity of your symptoms.

Chronic Mercury Poisoning and Related Diseases

Mercury exposure has been linked to the following diseases. Because mercury has such a destructive effect on the immune and detoxification systems, the list could be much longer. Chronic Mercury Poisoning: Related Diseases

Information taken from the Dental Wellness Institute

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